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  • Encourages students through dance to have emotional expression, agility and concentration, while promoting self-esteem, teamwork and social awareness


  • Develops and supports children in showcasing their artistic talents while teaching Arts in Education linking Arts with Academics

  • Promotes an appreciation of the African Diaspora embarking on a stimulating and exciting learning experience, learning African and Caribbean dances from places such as Mali, Guinea, Nigeria, Jamaica and Barbados

Kuumba Kids Dance Programs: Products


1-3 Semester sessions

Students will receive weekly instruction on specific dance being taught. This program runs for 24 weeks (2)12 week sessions. After each session the students will present a showcase to family and friends of material learnt (shorter sessions can be made available).


4 Month Session

Students will undertake a more robust weekly instruction on dances being taught with specific emphasis on preparing to present a culturally enriched program to offer to the school and community for Black History Month. This program runs for 18 weeks.


Guest Teacher

Students will participate in a 1 time 90 minute dance class which would include an introduction to the dance being taught, a circle meet, warm up, dance movements and a short routine

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